This is an article regarding a criminal case study within the South Dakota State Judicial System. This is an active criminal case involving the mistreatment of a minor and deliberate alteration of a minors vehicle leading to the loss of life. I will state my reasons as to why the State of South Dakota, within the legal jurisdiction of the 2nd District Court, should precede to the prosecution of Nathanael Warren and the victim’s natural mother, Stephanie Christine Warren.

There are legal limitations that I, Tele Takeuchi, must legally follow to obtain any available South Dakota State, Blue Earth County, 2nd District, criminal public records. There are specific limitations and regulations written as safe guard amendments. This is a high profile, criminal case classified as an AGGRIVATED MURDER, HOMMICIDE, a 1st degree felony. This involves the unnatural death of a 16 year old. The victim is a young child abuse victim, Ashlin Stacie.

This high profile felony child abuse is the second tier on the Wedding Cake Model requirements that effect how much information from public records I am allowed access. The Freedom of Information Act, written in the United States Bill of Rights. I researched the details of the two similar Freedom of Information Act requirements and restrictions at the University of South Dakota Law Library, Vermillion, South Dakota. Adapted to cover the civil rights of individual citizens in the state of South Dakota. Limits general public access to private citizen’s court records to only certain details.

The natural mother, just over one week before, flew to New York City. She was granted joint custody visitation rights from a legal Divorce settlement. She was able to deceive the presiding judge of this legal proceeding, in the state of New York, as to her mental, emotional stability. Under a court order the She; Stephanie Christina Warren deceived the custody trial judge in New York. The natural father was required to relinquish full custody and had to allow their daughter to leave New York City with his ex-wife. She was granted visitation and allowed to fly to South Dakota with her son to visit during the summer. Now I have established a series of events leading to the child abuse that contributed directly to intentional murder homicide of Ashlin Stacie by way of tampering with Ashlin's vehicle.

The natural mother of Ashlin Stacie is Stephanie Christine Warren. Again to replicate the probable cause affidavit on January, 11th 1997 at 1800 hours as stated on the probable cause affidavit, State Of South Dakota, and county of Blue Earth. Concerning: the arrest and detention of Stephanie Christina Warren. “The undersigned affiant, a peace officer for the State of South Dakota, being duly sworn, deposes and states on information and belief that there is probable cause for the arrest and continued detention of the above named defendant based on the following information which is personally investigation of the under signed officer. D. Hardclay, Blue Earth Police Department, State of South Dakota".

This was inflicted purposely by the hands and actions of the stepfather, whom was the husband of the natural mother. She had full knowledge as having been present and possibly participated in the physical and mental abuse of the child. Refusing to seek medical help repeatedly abused this innocent minor. The two of them locked the minor in a bedroom to suffer intentionally from the injuries.

January 5th 1997, Nathanael Warren took Ashlin into the bedroom of their residence severely beating her about the head and torso. Severely damaging Ashlin’s face, jaws. Nathan then subjected Ashlin's vehicle, Ford Crown Vicotira '89, to severe engine gouging and forcing the engine to intake large amounts of liquid. The child did not deserve to beaten. The Warrens ignored Ashlin’s injuries and was locked in a bedroom while they went to Mankato to the Court House to get married, January 6th 1997. The same judge that Stephanie and Nathanael Warren both appeared before Friday, hours after being charged with Aggravated Murder Homicide, January 29th 1997.

I find it probable that Mr. and Mrs. Warren did in fact engage in pattern of deceptive behavior to decive law enforcement in their response and investigation into Ashlin's disappearance. This is evidenced by the fabrication of a story indicating that Nathaneal had taken to leaving the house in the middle of the night. It was further evidenced by their taking Ashlin's body to a remote burial site after she "died" and attempting to conceal it. By the way, Stephanie disposed of Ashlin Stacie's vehicle. Mrs. Warren helped sneak and conceal the body of Ashlin, help wrap the body, and help carry it in Nathanael Warren's Jeep to dispose of the human minor’s body up in a deeply over wooded and snowy area near Iron Mountain.

I am a concerned citizen of the State of South Dakota. I am in full confidence of the criminal court system. When this child had been reported missing I and my daughter, Mary, with my dog volunteered to walk the neighborhoods in a very expanded wide grid pattern. I personally, with my dog, set out determined never to give in to exhaustion.

I pray each night that the legal process will follow the required definition of the laws. Regulated statures governing Child Abuse that resulted in intentional murder of this child. I ask God to help seek justice for this minor. To legally obtain legal prosecution, under Utah State Criminal Statutes, those responsible for the death of this innocent child. I am a dedicated Father. I cherish every moment with my daughter. To deceive the public to obtain help looking for their child. Please, let them know.