Melting Person


Foy Sledge

January 13, 1997

November 24, 2014

Rain pours down over the historic Grandview Bridge that spans the width of the Big Blue River. A few cars hurry through the rain. An unknown man in a long, black raincoat. He has his hands dug deep into his pockets as he puffs on a cigarette dangling from his lip. In a moment he finishes his cigarette and casually tosses it into the road with a brief puff of smoke.


Dark gray bodies lit by the glare reflecting off the water’s surface. The bridge has been sealed off, and military and police personnel mill about on the bridge. Global Positioning Satellite data is relayed in real-time to the numerous monitors. The scattering of bright points of light over the map of the river area reveal the scope of the security forces at work guarding the plant. Police officers follow the path of the choppers from the bridge railing, Binoculars raised. There is an enormous shadow cast on the River by an unseen building.

Person 1:
The memories you have and the role you were assigned are burdens you had to carry. What is that anyway?

Massages his left leg with face of agony. The woman standing next to him grabs at something around her neck.

Person 2:
Dog tags?

They are marked with her name. She removes them and tosses into the river. Dog tags floating downstream take us to an oil refinery.

The structure lies on the river’s surface like a giant tortoise shell. Reven surfaces in a flurry of bubbles after the choppers pass overhead; the elaborate armored shell he wears obscures his appearance entirely, save for a trace of black hair. In Reven’s mouth is a cylindrical oxygen module, the refinery and a chopper reflect off a curious pair of goggles (which completely cover his eyes). Reven once again dives out of view.

Far in the distance a solitary helicopter hovers. Inside is a man dressed in military fatigues. He is holding a Colt Single-Action Pistol and he is looking though a pair of binoculars. He speaks.

Person 3:
The ribbon cutting ceremony...


Strut C Octogon A

The locker room where Emma is held captive appears on-screen. The room is pretty much flooded. Emma has taken refuge inside a locker and cannot be seen at this time. The camera slowly pans the scene. The man in the long, black trench coat arrives. Emma spills from the locker. We see that Emma has some heavy bandages on her torso. The man kneels to her side.

Person 4:
What have they done to you?


Strut D Sediment Pool

As Reven enters we can see that the room is filled with men and women in business suits and various formal attire. There is a guard patrolling. The room has a platform sitting over a strange body of liquid. It looks like water but dark grey and viscous.

The strange water slowly drains from the tank. A vehicle begins to emerge. It is a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria. Men and women gather around the parameter of the tank watching as it empties completely. A woman is inside the vehicle face pressed agains the drivers side window.