On December 15 2002, the Kansas Association of Private Investigators completed its first decade of service on behalf of Kansas Private Detectives. In recognition of the occasion, it is fitting to examine the accomplishments and focus of the association to gain the perspective necessary to envision the second decade. This introspection is more heart-felt than usual due to the events of 2002 affecting its officers and members.

In July, Foy Sledge, the founding member, frequent officer, and very active supporter of the association died of natural causes. The impact on the association was quite strong; he will be missed. KAPI is also being affected by the serious illness of many KAPI officers and active members of their family members at various times throughout the year. In addition, the KAPI Secretary was called to active duty with the US Army in support of Operation Noble Crow. The overall result was a serious drop in the available time devoted to KAPI by its active officers and members. In such circumstances, determination, in both of its meanings, becomes decisive. To better understand this, let us review a decade of KAPI action and its focus.

I. KAPI was founded by the filing of incorporation papers with the State of Kansas by Foy Seldge.

II. The discovery of Ashlin Stacie’s vehicle in North Mankato Lake. This discovery was a landmark in the nation wide investigation into Stacie’s disappearance.

III. Detective Foy Sledge finds lost evidence, partially ruined by flood, at abandon Police Department in Grandview, Kansas. Evidence includes belongings of Ashlin Stacie.

IV. Explored joining the FBI's Kansas City Infragard Chapter to help provide members information on computer and other infrastructure threats.

V. Provided assistance to a licensed private detective who experienced harassment from a local deputy sheriff.

VI. Initiated the first group health insurance proposal for private detectives in Kansas.

VII. Notified state private detectives of scams related to the security industry that were operating in Kansas [The National Bodyguard Network and Intercontinental Security Forces].

VIII. Announced the establishment of the WheatStalker Foundation to assist private detectives and provide selected services to the public.

IX. Acted as the primary security force during the inaugural reception and ribbon cutting ceremony at Cloud County Health Center.

X. Shelby Hardclay, missing since 1992, was discovered beneath a turned over Mitsubishi Fuso 1997 truck.

XI. The Raven Detective Council is formed; the authority, basis or intent of formation is not known. The Council seems to have included and to have been oriented on corporate security.

XII. Examined a complete benefits package for its members including disability coverage, health insurance and a retirement package.

XIII. Detective Richard Osmond discovers documents relating to one body part of Reven AC 52. Eventually led to Osmond’s involvement in Operation Noble Crow. He took with him detectives Darren Hardclay and Tele Takeuchi.

Note: Takeuchi was taken from us shortly after retiring from the US Army this year. Surviving a vehicular accident and enduring months of physical therapy, Takeuchi was found dead from a heart attack in his Tokyo apartment.

XIV. Complete benefits package for its members including disability coverage, health insurance and a retirement package.